Thursday, March 27, 2014

Up and Close and Personal

The issues I am examining in my artwork is how I tried to add more value in my work but instead of more value I added too much black. On the cherry it has a decent amount of black which to me it kinda makes it look like a shadow. I love the colors I added in the background. At first it was just gonna be a blank background but since the cupcake was dark I wanted some light in it and that is why I picked very light colors, it brightened up my artwork which made me happy. Cupcakes to me symbolize sweet and happiness. When I was brainstorming for the Up, Close, and Personal I automatically thought of a cupcake. Cupcakes make me very happy and they are very sweet. I was not sure if the cupcake would work because I did not think that a cupcake could be Up, Close, and Personal. I also had to show some texture to the cupcake which I did not do. I just wanted my cupcake to be plain and smooth that was my very first achievement. Plain is not always good but I decided to risk it. I picked chalk pastels which is very messy and it can easily smear onto your artwork. I had to be very careful while adding color to my artwork. I was used to working with oil pastels, they are not messy at all but they cannot blend as well as chalk pastels. On this project I wanted to work with something new like chalk pastels. As I was working on my artwork I noticed that my art needed more value I tried to add it with black but it did not work so well for me. On the cherry I love the way it turned out with the black. It makes it look like it has a shadow. I did take in consideration the shadows on the cherry because some people may not see it as a shadow but as a black smear.

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