Thursday, March 27, 2014


The way I used my own technique is mixing my art with dark chalk. It did not turn out so well because you can see the lines. As I tried to go lighter and darker I kept on leaving lines and I tried to make them disappear but it did not work out for me. I did not use a source of inspiration but I did use the stippling technique which took forever to finish because we all know that stippling is using a lot of little tiny dots. I did enjoy working with the stippling technique, I thought it was fun working with it and I saw it as a challenge. I never worked with stippling it was my first time. I learned how to make stippling look light and dark also how to make it look light slash dark but with chalk it did not work so well. My intentions in this piece of art was to show a very close flower and get a person lost in it with all the little dots. My issues on this particular artwork is how my dots came out in some parts of the flower. Some have a line on the dots which shows laziness but those dots were my mistakes. I was trying to work slow but fast at the same time and I messed up plenty of times and I was not happy how my stippling came out. I love flowers and I wanted to show a flower but in a dark format and black and white is always a good way of showing dark colors.  

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