Thursday, March 27, 2014

Working With Different Materials

The lollipop is done in color pencil and the soda can is done with oil pastels and the candy piece is made out of chalk pastels. On the soda can it was kind of  hard for me to blend the colors. What I tried to do was try to blend them as much as possible which did not work to well. My colors on the soda can came out to dark and I tried to lower the darkness by adding white as a highlight on the soda can. On the piece of candy I stepped back when I was finished. I did not have any lines to show the highlights on the candy so I decided to add some highlights on it to try to show the value of the candy but it did not work so well for me. I did consider the highlights on my candy and soda can. On the soda can it came out okay looking but on the candy it just looks like white lines that just happen to be there. On the lollipop I used color pencil. Color pencil is not my strongest material to work with but I worked with it and I went along with the colors I had to use and at the end it came out okay looking. The only thing I like about my work on the lollipop is the grapes. I love how the grapes came out; the colors and value are awesome.    

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